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About Dolce Core Values

Core Values



The three rings in the logo of Dolce Hotels and Resorts are indicative of the organization’s core values and commitment to providing guests with the best experience possible, by creating inspiring work environments that bring people together to foster big ideas and great imagination. The rings displayed in Dolce’s logo represent:

Nourishment (Cuisine, Spa, Amenities and Activities) – Nourishment for the body, mind and spirit, including cuisine that is unexpectedly varied, gourmet, plentiful and healthful; spas that replenish the mind, body and spirit; and amenities and activities that nurture and rejuvenate.

Connectivity (Technology, Design and Architecture) – Connectivity provides state-of-the-art technology; expansive yet functional design; and renowned, purpose-built architecture.

Community (Great Guest Experience, Green Initiatives and Local Community Outreach) – Community features well-trained, intuitive, passionate, committed associates, and socially responsible, wide-ranging green initiatives.


  • Be ready
  • Make first and last impressions count
  • Be thoughtful and kind
  • Listen to understand
  • Take the lead
  • Take ownership
  • Know your property
  • Share the Dolce stories
  • Engage