About Dolce Green Code of Sustainability

Code of Sustainability

Code of Sustainability

Our code of sustainability

Most Dolce properties belong to the International Association of Conference Centers and adhere to the highest industry standards. Seven Dolce properties have signed IACC's Code of Sustainability, which includes 55 tenets in the following areas:
  • Education, awareness and public declaration
  • Waste management
  • Recycling
  • Reuse
  • Water conservation
  • Purchasing
  • Energy management
  • Air quality
  • Food and beverage

When IACC members sign the Code of Sustainability, they certify that their organization supports IACC's Environmental Policy and they join with other members in striving for more sustainable, environmentally responsible industry policies and practices.

Members are required to update the status of their adherence to applicable tenets in the Code on an annual basis, and IACC recognizes three tiers of participation. Members that achieve 100 percent of the Code qualify for the Platinum Tier; those that achieve 85 percent qualify for the Gold Tier; and those that achieve 75 percent qualify for the Silver Tier.

The following Dolce properties have received IACC's Green Star designation: Aspen Meadows Resort, Dolce La Hulpe Brussels and Dolce Bad Nauheim, Gold Tier; and Dolce Frégate Provence, Dolce Chantilly, Dolce Munich Unterschleissheim and Dolce Sitges, Silver Tier.

In addition, Dolce Hotels and Resorts invite our meeting planners and program coordinators to contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of their programs: We offer our groups and guests the option of a carbon-neutral meeting. Visit our carbon-neutral calculator to see how you can offset your group's carbon footprint.