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Featured Green Properties


Green is in.

Aspen Meadows Resort
The Aspen Meadows Resort is continuously seeking new ways to stay current in its environment-friendly practices. As an internationally renowned boutique hotel, our goal is to grow as a business that operates in harmony with the laws of nature through implementing sustainable practices and sharing our passions.

Click here to read about our green initiatives including our nationally praised Doerr-Hoiser center.

Dolce La Hulpe
Dolce Hulpe Brussels is committed to reducing harmful environmental impacts. As a property, we are conscious about the fact that there is still a lot to do in order to even further reduce this impact. We work through a green committee made up of motivated employees resulting from various operational and administrative departments working together. Click here to read more about our purchase policy, room and other ways we stay green.

Dolce Hayes Mansion
At Dolce Hayes Mansion, everything from our purchasing policy to our engineering is meant to maintain a level of green standard of operation. With guests having the option to reuse sheets and towels, glass and china for in-room amenities and newspapers available only in lobbies, we also allow our guests to feel like they are contributing to the initiative as well. Read more about it here.

Dolce Chantilly
At Dolce Chantilly, we have an on-site property sustainability task force who is in charge of proposing and managing green initiatives. Part of what they’ve set into place is that all furniture is made from environmentally friendly products with wood from sustainable forests, the use of compact fluorescent bulbs, and all items are purchased in bulk. Additionally, we have adjusted heating and cooling in unoccupied areas, minimized the use of daytime lighting in well-lit hallways and lobbies and have instituted eco-friendly ways to dispose fats and grease. Due to our efforts, we received the IACC Green Star Silver membership in 2011. Read more here.