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When planning a pharmaceutical meeting, it’s important to find a place that truly understands your business. At Dolce Hotels and Resorts, we do. We’re located in key markets, understand pharma codes and adhere to them. We also understand property-specific relevant programs. Dolce is a great fit for pharma due to our Northeast locations and convenience to the corporate offices of the pharma organizations. We understand the CMP, which is the preferred choice for the planner at these organizations. By design, we address all their meeting needs with one stop and allow the planners to focus on the content of their meetings. With numerous outdoor spaces and beautiful landscapes for each guest to enjoy, Dolce will provide a unique view during their meeting experience. Whether the outdoor spaces are used for dining, meeting or team building, no other brand can provide the tranquility needed in an outdoor area for recharging after a productive day. Dolce is committed to serving as a role model in its communities through green and sustainability initiatives, volunteerism and leadership. Dolce supports sustainable and environmentally responsible hospitality industry policies and practices..

  • Dolce Understands Your Needs:
  • We continue to increase our knowledge of pharma and participate in many pharmaceutical-related events and training to ensure we stay current with your needs. To do this, we partner with you to fully understand the outcomes and objectives of your programs and support you in delivering your programs successfully. We provide a variety of venues, hotel, resort and conference centers depending on the type of program and what is acceptable for the audience. Based on the sensitivity of programs, we’re able to offer whole-house buyouts when requested. We also adhere to the individual terms and conditions – not putting competitive groups in-house at same time. We’re flexible with arrival and departure patterns, as we recognize the different needs and client policies around travel and meetings. Dolce can provide 200 square feet to 77,000 square feet of flexible meeting space for your meeting. Our rooms-to-space ratio is ideal, meaning we are not restrictive on breakouts for the clients that require an immense amount of breakouts, which is important to the various types of programs. Dolce’s rooms-to-space ratio also allows us to offer more meeting space inside the CMP than our competition.
  • Pharma Meeting Services:
  • Dolce is IACC certified and strictly follows the policies and procedures set by IACC in all of our locations. The clients that are seeking this type of atmosphere know they will receive this kind of structured environment in any of our hotels and resorts. Dolce’s meeting services team are true professionals and have served and continue to service numerous meetings within the pharma industry each week at our locations. Dolce’s meeting services professionals are trained and continue to train to be the best in the industry. Dedicated Dolce Meetings Mangers are assigned as one point of contact to assist the planner and the attendees in any capacity as well as anticipate your needs. Dolce’s commitment in providing the latest technology enables trainers and attendees to be able to utilize numerous technological devices to ensure they are connected on all levels for a productive meeting.
  • Your Accommodations and Nutritious Food:
  • Each of our properties offer superior accommodations and is a perfect fit for the pharma industry. We realize the industry as a whole is focused on staying healthy and maintaining a level of fitness and health while traveling. Due to that, we provide the most up-to-date workout equipment that is accessible 24/7. We also understand that there are specific guidelines by attendee type that have to be adhered to for the pharma industry. We recognize the individual’s desire to make choices for themselves when it comes to food and beverage to address their specific dietary needs. And for groups, we provide more upscale selections for dinner.
  • Pharma Team Building:
  • With the abundance of space and forward thinking of our meeting professionals at each location, team building has become a priority for Dolce. Dolce can provide simple to extravagant team-building events for groups ranging from 10-1000. Exciting team-building events range from chili cook-offs, chef’s tables, scavenger hunts and dine-around plans. Dolce meeting managers can customize a team-building event to any budget. Learning expands outside the classroom. We’re able to offer solutions and resources by location for team building based on their individual objectives.