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Speed RFP Process

Speed RFP Process

So What's a Speed RFP?

Good question. It’s a tool created by Elite Meetings International, and they describe it as something they created after being inspired by the power and possibilities of the electronic Request for Proposal (RFP) process.

How it works

Meeting professionals are now able to preload account and event information and then submit RFPs to any SpeedRFP-enabled hotel without rekeying data. They can also manage all of their RFPs from one place. For hospitality suppliers, SpeedRFP seamlessly integrates into their website, works alongside existing RFP forms, and increases visibility to the SpeedRFP planner network without charging any commission or transaction fees.

How SpeedRFP benefits Meeting Planners

  • Send RFPs to any SpeedRFP hotel
  • No need to re-key RFP data
  • Attach your own RFP documents
  • Manage RFPs in one place
  • Share RFPs with global sales reps

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